Working Fields

With the responsibility of being a leading company and having a perspective looking to the future, Tüpraş carries out its activities in the fields of in-house entrepreneurship and open innovation (entrepreneurship ecosystem integration studies) in order to create value through new products, services, processes and business models.

  • In-house Entrepreneurial Activities

    Tüpraş has been involved in the Koç Innovation Program since 2017. To this end, after having identified the innovation strategy and publishing the processes for the whole Company, communication and training activities were carried out in order to support the cultural transformation and to raise awareness.

  • In-house Entrepreneurial Projects

    The in-house entrepreneurial projects are carried out within the framework of the long-term and short-term targets to be achieved in accordance with the focus areas, and the Company’s strategies identified in the strategy workshops involving upper and middle level participants. Work was carried out on the business model innovation-focused ideas in the areas published by the Company. The in-house programs are aimed at securing the use of existing resources in different business areas, which can create new income areas in line with the focus area. Support is extended to innovative business ideas, which will allow the Company to take advantage of the opportunities offered by new business models and which will support efforts to find new growth areas.

    Tüpraş supports in-house entrepreneurs, who convey their ideas with the motto of “Let your Idea be Free” through the Idea Unit’s portal, helping them implement innovative business models ideas. Within the scope of the in-house entrepreneurship programs, more than 60 in-house entrepreneurs have had the opportunity to advance their ideas aimed at innovation strategy and the areas of focus with the methods, in a manner similar to start-ups’ working methods. The in-house entrepreneurs, who are included in the program, receive training which is mostly focused on entrepreneurial methodologies and entrepreneurial mentoring support. At the same time, during the stage of project maturity, entrepreneurial projects are followed closely by the upper and middle management and sponsorship support is provided.


  • Entrepreneurial Activities and Information

    The “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Seminar” on subjects of creativity and entrepreneurship attracted wide participation in all refineries, where Tüpraş innovation approach was shared. With “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Meetings”, all directorates at all locations were contacted one by one and an information exchange on the strategies, processes and innovation studies was carried out. The “Entrepreneurship Stories: Try, Transform, Achieve” activity started to be implemented during 2018 in order to convey the concepts of uncertainty in the innovation process and the methods to overcome these uncertainties, learning from failures and smart error. Innovation and entrepreneurship news from around the country and in the world, innovative applications and the Tüpraş innovation studies and in-house entrepreneurship project activities are regularly shared through the Inowhatif E-Bulletin, which is prepared by the Innovation Directorate within the Company.

    The Idea Unit portal, which was commissioned in 2017, has been a tool to spread the culture of innovation as well as being a platform where employees with innovative ideas can share their ideas with the motto of “The Platform where Raw Ideas are Turned into Value”.

    Through this portal, employees are able to access publications on innovation and entrepreneurship, learn about trends, technological and sectoral developments, and interactively share experience in entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Committees and Teams

    The Innovation Committee is a committee consisting of high-level participants, who follow and support all innovation and in-house entrepreneurship processes and take part in the workshops for determining the innovation strategy and focus areas. In addition, the Innovation Catalysts Team, consisting of mid-level managers who support the spread of innovation culture and the in-house entrepreneurship perspective, and the Innovation Volunteers teams consisting of employees of different levels were formed within the Company. Special training on innovation, open innovation and institutional entrepreneurship are provided for these teams and work programs are organized in this context. All employees who wish to support the studies on innovation and to take part in the in-house entrepreneurial project teams may become an Innovation Volunteer through the Idea Unit portal. The in-house entrepreneurship projects are carried out by the in-house project teams who receive support through special education and mentoring.

  • Open Innovation Studies

    Tüpraş carries out studies into integration with the entrepreneurship ecosystem, especially for start-ups, as part of its open innovation studies. It interacts with start-ups for the focus areas identified in line with the road map established with the upper and middle level participants during the open innovation strategy-setting workshops and identifies potential collaborations, and conducts studies on how to make use of these collaborations. In this context, the needs of all business units are collected by the Innovation Directorate and the solutions proposed domestic/foreign start-up ecosystem are brought together with the relevant units of the Company. The Innovation Directorate participates in many events aimed at early and advanced stage start-ups, supports entrepreneurs and provides mentoring support.

    As part of these studies, Tüpraş follows entrepreneurial activities in the world and in Turkey; the acceleration programs aimed at early and advanced stage start-ups, which are in the fields of technology, and/or the acceleration programs aimed at all sectors, primarily for the energy and the oil sectors; innovation competitions and incubation centers. The information on the events is shared through the Idea Unit and the Inowhatif E-Bulletin.

    Under Tüpraş’s open innovation strategy, it collaborates with start-ups which develop innovative technologies and solutions such as waste water treatment and advanced materials solutions for the prevention of hydrocarbon leakages, occupational health and safety and process safety solutions, data analytics, cyber security, wearable technologies, innovative reporting systems, digital solutions such as digital education systems, innovative energy efficiency solutions such as waste heat recovery, and non-destructive inspection applications.

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