Working Fields

  • Product Development

    The Product Research and Development team conducts innovative product design studies for enhancing regulation complient and unique products. It is is responsible from improvement of existing products and development of new product formulations in order to meet customer demands and firm criteria. Innovative products are developed according to current and future standards. In order to accomplish these goals, it is profited from TUBITAK and EU incentive mechanisms.

    The R&D Laboratories have 2700 m2 indoor area, 5 research laboratory, over 150 equipment and capability of apply over 200 national and international experiment methods. With these perfections and supplies, TUPRAS aims to shed light on the future of our country.

    TUPRAS has made investments to R&D Center incrementally. The most outstanding one is the Catalyst Pilot Plant which is currently under construction. Also the catalyst laboratory is the first laboratory established in private sector and it has all necessary infrastructure with instrumental, physical and chemical analysis equipments. Lab-scale and pilot-scale studies that can be classified as reverse engineering, improvement of reaction performances can be conducted in R&D laboratory .

  • Process Development

    The main objectives of Tüpraş R&D Process Development Teams can be outlined as becoming able to make the necessary improvements in refinery processes and reaching high level of technological competence in order to increase the competitiveness of the market.

    Modeling and Simulation

    It is aimed to develop simulation model that are closest to the real system and make operational improvements based on the models.

    Process Control

    The responsibilities are to monitor the quality of the product in the current process, to keep under control rapid changes, to reduce production costs, to conduct studies compliance with environment.

    Process Optimization and Integration

    Refinery process variables and parameters, within the security constraints of the equipment and design is aimed to be the most efficient conditions.

    Energy Management and Optimization

    Energy efficiency projects related to reduce energy and steam consumption that is produced at various pressure and temperature levels in refinery, and waste heat are carried out.

    Decision Support Systems and Management Solutions

    It is aimed to improve the speed and accuracy of the decision-making process, increase control and accelerate access to information and performance by the development of innovative applications.

  • Project and Innovation Management

    R&D Projects are managed with respect to project management methodologies from initiation phase to closing phase. By implementation of international project management systematic; scope, time, cost, quality, communication, risk, purchasing, human resource management activities are conducted.

    In accordance with this process, Technology Road Map prepared under the coordination of the Project & Technology Management Team is one of the most important sources used in idea stage of the project. Determination of technology strategy; technology monitoring and forecasting; analysis of the technological needs and the technology gap studies are carried out under this subject.

    In line with innovation management system, all radical changes and incremental developments are managed in a disciplined manner, from idea development stage to commercialization. With the effective innovation management; it is aimed to have effective information management, strong internal communication and relationships, developing partnerships and customer relationships, being a superior position in competition, to increase productivity and to have efficient time management.

  • Intellectual Property Rights Management

    Intellectual Property enhances the company’s reputation and wealth in the long term and it is one of the significant elements that will support the competitiveness and profitability. Tupras has published its Intellectual Property Politics and established Intellectual Property rights branch under R&D center to support its strategy.  

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