Tüpraş Stands As One with All Its Colleagues For Türkiye

Tüpraş immediately responds to the fuel and emergency needs in the earthquake-hit zones and for the search and rescue teams

Providing continuous energy for Türkiye with its national responsibility, Tüpraş maintains its production without interruption and distributes the much needed energy for disaster-stricken areas, first and foremost, and all across Türkiye.

After the devastating earthquake that was centered in Kahramanmaraş and that cost thousands of lives and injured tens of thousands of others in 10 cities, Tüpraş has been providing vital needs, particularly fuel, to all those cities affected, in coordination with AFAD, since day one.

Tüpraş Provides Fuel to Earthquake-affected Areas

Tüpraş provides the crucial fuel for the construction machinery, ambulances, and fire engines, lighting for the search and rescue teams, and heating for the disaster-stricken in Osmaniye, Gaziantep, Hatay, Malatya, Kahramanmaraş and other nearby areas where climate conditions continue to worsen with a spiraling depletion of energy sources.

Tüpraş Search and Rescue Teams İmmediately Deployed to the Disaster Zone

Tüpraş Search and Rescue teams have been deployed to the disaster zone since the early hours of the earthquake and have been working non-stop. Other key essentials, including construction machinery, cranes, generators, and lighting equipment, all vital for search and rescue among the rubble, have been dispatched to the disaster areas. Furthermore, the Tüpraş Crisis Coordination team is in constant contact with AFAD to monitor any other additional needs that may arise to provide rapid on-site assistance.

Tüpraş Volunteers Close Ranks to Help the Victims

As we witness one of the gravest disasters in the history of our Republic, Tüpraş stands as one with Türkiye and has been on alert with all employees on board since the early hours of the earthquake. Tüpraş volunteers participated in the blood donation campaign launched by The Turkish Red Crescent within the first 24 hours. Tüpraş employees also launched a campaign for urgent needs including clothing, hygiene products, blankets, heaters, and baby formulas. All gathered items were delivered to the earthquake site in the coordination with AFAD.

Tüpraş Unceasingly Provides for the Vital Needs in the Area.

Dedicated to helping the quake shaken cities, with the understanding of “One for all for Türkiye,” Tüpraş has been providing containers for sheltering earthquake as well as delivering urgent needs such as potable beds and bed chairs, water, canned goods, thousands of jackets, hard hats, clothes, and other vital needs.

Aiming to heal wounds, Tüpraş maintain continuous support to the earthquake zone. With a deep sense of national responsibility, Tüpraş will continue to produce and stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Türkiye with all its power.

We wish for the blessing of God for all those who have lost their lives in the earthquake and for the recovery of all those wounded.

Our deepest condolences to our entire nation.