Press Release

24 November 2021

Tüpraş Initiates Strategic Transformation to Become Carbon Neutral by 2050

Tüpraş, the pioneer of the Turkish energy industry since its establishment, announced its "Strategic Transformation Plan” in coordination with Koç Group’s Carbon Transition Program, aiming to maintain its leadership in the future of energy.


Strategy Investor Presentation

Tüpraş Today and Tomorrow

Today's Tüpraş...

We have been producing Turkey's energy for exactly 66 years.




Million Tons Capacity



Global Energy Outlook

Although there are many different predictions for the energy market, the issue that everyone agrees on is; that a low-carbon future awaits us. In the transformation to a low-carbon future, it is evaluated that oil will maintain its importance for a long time.

Electricity is the backbone of achieving 'NetZero', enabling both electrification and green hydrogen production.

Oil, which has been the energy source of humanity for centuries, will gradually leave its place to alternative energy sources.

Despite the downward trend in oil demand , it will continue to be an important energy source in the transition period.

Turkey's Changing Energy Balances

Our predictions

Fossil fuel consumption

Turkey's fossil fuel production will reach its peak in 2030


Hydrogen will enter a period of rapid growth from 2030

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles will be the leading vehicle in new vehicles in the passenger vehicle segment from 2030, and the majority vehicle type in the vehicle park before 2040.


While the diesel demand for commercial vehicles will be partially replaced by hydrogen, the installed refining capacity will still maintain its advantageous position.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) will account for ~10% ofaviation fuel by 2030

What are we aiming for?

As Tüpraş, we will lead Turkey's energy transformation with our diversified energy portfolio. As we move forward with our customers to a zero-carbon future, we will continue to grow and create value for our stakeholders.

Where Is Our Journey Heading?

The change in consumer behavior triggers the Energy Transformation

… we will maintain our leading position in Turkey by leading this transformation ...

…We aim to have a balanced and diversified clean energy portfolio in this journey ..

Strategic Transformation Plan

We believe in Turkey's green transformation and, as Tüpraş, we are starting to invest today for the energy of the future. Our main goal is; To be the leading zero-carbon energy company. We have all the resources we need to make this passion a reality.

Our Strategic Purpose

Becoming a Leading Zero-Carbon Energy Company

Our Strategic Priorities

Our strong financial structure and

supporting our understanding of sustainability

investing in new areas


Zero Carbon Electricity

Green Hydrogen



Making existing assets more competitive and profitable to support transformation

Our Transformation Plan to Become a Carbon Neutral Company



Sustainable & Profitable Tüpraş

Average EBITDA of $1B per year

Average Investment Expenditures ~350 Million Yearly

Average Capital Used 25%

Net Debt/ EBITDA 2.0xx

Dividend Distribution Ratio Minimum 80%

Our Commitments – Emission Reduction

Areas to invest inr

Energy efficiency

Decarbonization Projects

Green Hydrogen

For the Reduction of scope 1 and 2 Emissions in Refining

Emission Reduction (Scope 1 2)

Our Investment Areas

Refining will continue to contribute significantly to EBITDA.

We will continue to invest.

We will increase the profitability of refining.

We will focus on reducing Scope 1&2 Emissions

Refining Investments

Developing EIIe

Annual Refining Investment ($ Mn)

Sustainable Refining – Operational Excellence


Energy Efficiency

Percentage Score

Improvement in Energy Intensity Index since 2008


Energy Efficiency Projects (2020)

713 Thousand TJ

Annual Savings (2020)

433 Thousand Tons

Co2 emissionreduction in the last 5 years

Waste Water Recovery


Waste water recovery in the last 5 years.

Reduction in the use of 23% of raw water consumed per crude oil.

Our Biofuels Business Plan

Producing Sustainable Jet Fuel..

Long-term high profitability

The best emission reducing alternative in Air Freight

It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50% compared to fossil jet fuel.

To produce sustainable Jet Fuel...

We will produce the energy of the future

We will invest in Zero Carbon Electricity..

The majority of Zero Carbon Electricity will be used for Green Hydrogen production, which will be sold to the heavy transport and logistics sector along with our refinery processes.

We will sell the remaining zero carbon electricity.

We will achieve an investment / cost optimization balance by obtaining zero carbon electricity (about 50% of the total need) through EASs .

The Role of Renewables in the Energy Transition̈

Green Hydrogen Production

Zero Carbon Electricity Sales

Powering Other Clean Technologies

We will seize opportunities in emerging markets such as Heavy Transport and logistics .

With the conversion of H2 units, we will reduce emissions from our refinery processes by ~25% by 2040.

Green hydrogen is a cyclical and environmentally friendly

will offer a solution

Connected Operations

Connected Digital Processes

Connected People

Main Scopes

Cost Optimization


Operational Excellence

High Performance Organization

Sustainability Net Zero

Technical Safety and Cyber Security


Operational Transparency

High Automation High Efficiency

Employee Productivity Experience

Low Carbon

Cyber Security Technical Security

High Benefit from Artificial Intelligence Mobility

Enabling Technologies

IOT Smart Sensors

Big Data



Artificial Intelligence And Data Analytics

Edge Computing

Mobile Technologies

Data Governance


Cyber security

Business Intelligence and Data Visalization

Industrial Software

Digital Twin

Robots and Drones



Cloud Computing

Asset Management

Cognitive Services

RTLS and Geolocation

Wearable Technologies

Predictive Maintenance

Wearable Technologies




Cloud Computing

Mobile Technologies

Edge Computing

3D Printing

Analytical Decision Support



Weareble Technologies





Contactless Sales

3D Simulation

AI ve Data Analytic

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics


Streaming Data Analytics



Cloud Computing

Mobile Technologies


BI Tools


Data Visualization

Agile Platforms

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