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Dear investors, solution partners, suppliers, customers; Recently, as Tüpraş, we have been receiving complaints that we have been targeted/used in various fraudulent acts in which our brand has been used. We recommend that you carefully read our informative text, in which we share what needs to be done in order to avoid any harm in the face of such attempts.

We kindly ask you to be careful against fraudulent attempts made by using the Tüpraş brand and visuals, to follow the instructions we have mentioned below with great sensitivity in the face of these attempts for which we are not responsible, and to immediately forward us the suspicious cases you encounter.

Sende Tüpraşlı Olmak İster Misin?

First of all, we would like it to be known that Tüpraş, under no circumstances; does not request personal data, password or similar information via e-mail, telephone, social media, visual publishing platforms, etc.

Recognizing and Preventing Cyber Fraud Methods

Cyber fraud is a fraud method that is mostly carried out on the internet, aiming to obtain the desired information by taking advantage of people's vulnerabilities and various persuasion and deception techniques.

Scammers; They can use countless methods such as phishing emails, fake mobile phone calls or SMS messages, fake investment/collaboration sites, visual/written media tools, social media postings, misleading pop-ups and advertisements, fake promotions offering free products and rewards, fake job postings.

Recognizing and Preventing Cyber Fraud Methods
As a result of abused human vulnerabilities;

Your information may fall into the hands of others

May lose your data

May experience financial loss

May experience financial loss

Waste of time

You may lose the environment of mutual trust.

What Should You Pay Attention To?

Official Website and Social Media Accounts of Tüpraş.

Do not respect the statements and announcements made through channels other than the official website and social media accounts of Tüpraş.

By Tüpraş in Order to Verify Your Account

Please note that your personal or financial information will not be requested by Tüpraş in order to verify your account.

Fraudsters Choose to Attract Attention With the Tüpraş Brand.

Stay away from the easy way to make money, promise gifts or threatening approaches that fraudsters choose to attract attention with the Tüpraş brand.

E-Mail Channel Attacks, and Spelling and Grammar Errors.

Pay attention to e-mail addresses that are incompatible with the Tüpraş domain name extension, which is usually used in e-mail channel attacks, and spelling and grammar errors.

Requests for Personal Information or Critical Data

Be suspicious of requests for personal information or critical data.

Reliable Sources

Do not open any link that you think is not from reliable sources.

The Address Bar on the Link You Have Entered

Check that the address bar on the link you have entered is green and that the security certificate is valid.

Caller By Phone

If you have reservations about the caller by phone, ask for contact and phone number information from a reliable source.

"Cybercrime is no different from crimes such as physical threats, blackmail and insults."

You think that it may have a significant financial impact on Tüpraş, may damage our corporate reputation, and may be contrary to the legislation; You can send us all kinds of cyber incidents that you suspect, hear from, experience one-to-one through the form below.

Stay Safe

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For your ethical whistleblowing and abuse reports; You can reach Koç Holding Ethics Line here.


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