Tüpraş Continues to Meet with University Students in Online Internship Program

Continuing to adopt digital technologies in its business processes, Tüpraş offers online training and remote working experience to university students in its second year.

Taking firm steps forward on its digitalization journey, Tüpraş continues to improve its online internship program by integrating the technological innovations that it has implemented in its business processes to its corporate culture. The company, which has offered online training and remote working experience to university students for the first time last year due to pandemics, ensured that university students completed their summer internships with online internship program again this year. Completing the first section of online training and remote internship experience between 1 July - 6 August, Tüpraş now meets with new interns in the second section of the program between 9 August - 6 September.
Thousands of applications were made between 18 March and 18 April for online internship program of Tüpraş and 191 students were admitted for the program after comprehensive evaluations. Main topics of the internship program include various works and information programs, such as Ethics Training, TEX (Tüpraş Employee Experience), Future of Work, Agile Transformation in Tüpraş, Basic Refining Information, Technical Safety and Environment, Technology, innovation and R&D projects of Tüpraş.
Navigation in refineries with “smart helmet”
Students, who begin their internship with an orientation training, meet with all operational units of the refinery and have an opportunity to know Tüpraş more closely. Students, who didn’t have an opportunity to physically visit refinery sites due to the pandemics, tour the refineries in a digital environment thanks to smart helmet with camera application, a pioneering application by Tüpraş. So the students have the chance to experience the site practices in detail.
Projects are developed in the fields of sustainability and innovation
In addition to technical training and information, the students receive trainings for innovation, entrepreneurship, UN Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainability throughout the program. Students are expected to develop innovative projects for Tüpraş processes regarding these subjects and present these projects at the end of their internship. Groups also receive mentoring support from the managers of Tüpraş during the development of projects. 
In addition, students can join “Career and Development Chats” with the managers of Tüpraş during their online internship and they have a chance to directly be a candidate of Tüpraş Nextremers Young Talents Program after their internship. 
Stating that they continue their internship program this year remotely due to the pandemics, Ahmet Aksoy, Human Resources Director of Tüpraş, said: “We migrated all our development programs to online environments due to the pandemics and we introduced many development programs to our colleagues, we uninterruptedly continued on our agile transformation process and we redesigned the contents of our leadership schools by adapting them for online environment. We also enabled our young talents to participate in our corporation through online internship programs. With remote internship programs, we ensure that university students spend these days in the most effective manner and we allow them to know the work life in Tüpraş, more closely. While transforming our business processes to be compatible with digital technologies, we also observe that students enjoy the training they receive in digital environment. 97% satisfaction in the survey results for our internship program last year is an indicator of this fact. We pay attention to project deliverables and innovative ideas of the young people and we want to continue to develop and improve together. We continue to work to improve the content of our online internship programs by exchanging ideas mutually.”

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