International Prize for HR Application of Tüpraş

Tüpraş Leadership Schools received Brandon Hall Excellence Awards in two categories

With its “Tüpraş Leadership Schools” practice implemented for its employees, Tüpraş received Gold prize in “Best Mixed Training Program” category and Silver prize in “Best Leadership Development Program” category of HCM (Human Capital Management) Excellence Awards, which evaluates the best human resources management practices globally.
“Tüpraş Leadership Schools” practice, implemented by the largest industrial corporation of Turkey, received awards in two categories of HCM Excellence Awards, organized by Brandon Hall Group to evaluate the best human resources practices.

The company received Gold prize in “Best mixed training program” category and Silver prize in “Best Leadership Development Program” category.
The program comes to the forefront by presenting a mixed learning experience blending a digital learning platform and virtual classes.
Receiving one of the most prestigious awards in the international arena with its activities for training and developing the leadership skills of its employees, Tüpraş considers investing in the development of its leaders as one of its prioritized targets in human resources.

Paying attention to select and grow the management staff of future among its own employees, the company adopts continuous development in conformity with the changing and transforming dynamics of the world and sets Tüpraş Leadership Standards on top of them.

Tüpraş Leaders access handpicked learning resources from more than 20 thousand contents of the digital learning platform that was prepared exclusively for them and meet with leading development experts of the world. Not only do they meet in virtual classes, but they also experience Digital Learning Platform as a part of their leadership journey with online events, through which they can track their individual development.
Tüpraş gains important achievements to reinforce the experience of its employees, create innovative and productive working environments for its employees to show their potential and prepares the company to the future together with all its staff with its several practices continuing uninterruptedly even during the pandemics.

154 managers have participated in the programs since the beginning of Tüpraş leadership schools and managers that are already managing teams or have started to manage new teams during the year will be included to the planning in the coming days in accordance with an annual schedule prepared by Tüpraş.
About Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards
Providing consultancy services in training technologies, Brandon Hall Group is known as a research and analysis company reinforcing excellence and offering research based solutions to its more than 10 thousand customers throughout the world.
HCM Excellence Awards, the largest and longest award program in human capital management, is being organized for 28 years by the company, the vision of which is to inspire for a better workplace experience.
Corporates, public entities and companies, and employees and organizations of human capital management programs throughout the world can apply for these prizes, which are awarded to provide a measurable benefit.

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