Körfez Ulaştırma has taken delivery of the first hybrid locomotives of Turkey

Körfez Ulaştırma, the subsidiary of Tüpraş in railway transportation, started to take delivery of the first bi-mode, environmentally-friendly, EuroDual hybrid locomotives of Turkey under the contract signed with railway rolling stock production company Stadler, located in Switzerland.
Tüpraş, which has made sustainability a part of its business model in all of its processes, ranging from supply chain to after-sales operations, continues to improve environmental impact of its logistics operations, an important component of its value chain, with its subsidiary in railway transportation Körfez Ulaştırma.
Körfez Ulaştırma, the first private railway operator of Turkey, started to receive EuroDual type CoCo hybrid locomotives from Stadler, a Swiss railway rolling stock production company, under the contract signed two years ago.
The first two locomotives arrived in Derince Port, İzmit on 3rd September under the contract signed for purchase and spare parts and full service maintenance of seven hybrid locomotives for 8 years. Remaining 5 locomotives will arrive in Turkey in November and December. With the addition of EuroDual locomotives, Körfez Ulaştırma’s fleet will reach 12 locomotives.
The locomotives are expected to start operating following the tests to be performed by the independent audit company and officials of General Directorate for Regulation of Transport Services (UHDGM) on the railway lines of TCDD (Turkish State Railways) as a part of type approval process.
After the commissioning of EuroDual locomotives which can operate both in diesel and electrical modes, transport with zero carbon emission is targeted with these locomotives through electrical lines. 
First bi-mode locomotives of Turkey
First bi-mode EuroDual hybrid locomotives of Turkey can provide a superior tractive effort up to 500 kN (kilonewton) thanks to its state-of-the-art driving control system. These locomotives with 6 axle CoCo traction system, 123 tons of weight and 23 meters length can drive trains up to 2000 tons.
EuroDual locomotives can reach a maximum 120 km/h speed with their power up to 2800 kW for diesel traction and 7000 kW for electric mode.
More environmentally-friendly transportation model
Electrical railway transportation causes a level of emission up to 9 times lower compared to road transportation.
EuroDual hybrid locomotives will make railway transportation, which is already an eco-friendly transportation model, more environmentally-friendly.
When all 7 hybrid locomotives become fully operable, Körfez Ulaştırma’s 12 locomotive-fleet will save approximately 35 thousand tons of CO2 emission per year.
Safer transportation
EuroDual locomotives are equipped with ETCS (European Train Control System), which is an advanced digital communication system being used in railway industry and enables a safer communication thanks to its operation system compatible with the signalization model that can centrally control trains.
The EuroDual locomotives do also have TSI (Technical Specifications for Interoperability) certification, the highest EU standard established for railway industry.
About Körfez Ulaştırma A.Ş.
A wholly owned subsidiary of Tüpraş, Körfez Ulaştırma A.Ş., is the first private railway operator in Turkey. The company was established to maximize the rail mode transportation of Tüpraş loads, and also to grow further by transportation of other goods and thus play a vital role in increasing Turkey’s rail freight transport volume and share. The company started operations in December 2017 and transported more than 5 million tons of products until now as an operator and organizer. Körfez Ulaştırma continues its operations with a total of 445 owned wagons as well as 8 diesel locomotives, 3 of which is leased from and 5 of which is owned with Turkish State Railways. For details:

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