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We dedicate all our energy to helping our colleagues achieve their personal and professional development goals!

We cooperate with leading institutions in Türkiye and abroad to design programs for all our colleagues. We offer inclusive opportunities in training and development through digital technologies and global cooperation with institutions including Harvard Business School, McKinsey & Company, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The Koç Holding LEAD training platform cooperates with the best educational institutions around the world to provide theoretical and practical training on leadership, business management, professional/digital competency, and personal development to colleagues at all levels. We offer globally recognized and up-to-date knowledge through multidimensional programs delivered by prominent names hailing from academia and the business world.

We prepare all of our part-time and full-time colleagues for the business world of tomorrow with 12,000+ videos available on our community’s online development platform, Koç Akademi.

Tüpraş Akademi
Tüpraş Akademi
Tüpraş Akademi
Tüpraş Akademi
Tüpraş Akademi
Tüpraş Akademi

Our Source Of Energy:
Diversity, Equality, Inclusion

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“Limitless Energy for Equality”

We prioritize an inclusive, egalitarian, fair, human rights-prioritizing, and safe working environment at the core of our business processes. In light of our principles:

As a signatory to the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (UN WEPs), our goal is to be an inclusive workplace. As such, we pursue the equal representation of women at all levels and fields. Within the scope of our commitment to equal representation, we make it a priority to ensure that one out of every two new recruits is a woman.

We aim to increase the rate of women employees in Engineering, R&D, innovation, service design, and information technologies from the current 24 percent to 40 percent by 2026 (2027 olabilir TR websitede control edilmeli – KIM Not).

In support of Koç Holding’s global leadership at the UN Women’s Generation Equality Forum, we aim to reach out to 100,000 female students through the “Women in Technology and Innovation Program,” designed in line with Tüpraş’s commitment.

So far to this end, we have achieved the following:

We revised our training programs and support systems to encompass all work categories to provide colleagues in all positions with equal opportunities. We enabled all colleagues to access the same communication tools.

We reviewed and adjusted our work environments from the perspective of gender equality to render all positions and roles more desirable to female applicants.

We also improved our pre- and post-maternity leave consultancy services, childcare and daycare assistance, women mentoring support, and workplace safety performance. With our motto, “Limitless Energy for Equality,” we issued surveys to all employees and subsequently implemented improvement programs in alignment with their expectations.

In 2022, we published our pioneering Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) Policy as the culmination of the hard work undertaken by our DEI Committee.

In 2022, our efforts earned us a place in the Global Equality Index (GEI) conducted by Bloomberg for the second consecutive year.

Acting with sensitivity towards gender equality, we pursue awareness efforts to eliminate all discrimination and prejudice.

Human Rights First

We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, language, religion, race, age, nationality, or conviction in our career opportunities.

We strive to create and maintain a positive and professional working environment for all employees. We comply with global principles of ethics in recruitment, promotion, career development, compensation, and fringe benefits. We also respect the rights of our employees to voluntarily establish or join a civil society organization.

We know that an efficient working environment requires a positive atmosphere. We reward success through a fair and competitive compensation policy, an effective and objective performance evaluation system, assignment, promotion, and rotation. We believe that equal opportunity is the prerequisite for higher employee engagement. We strive to create a transparent working environment built on cooperation, solidarity, and mutual respect.

We do not tolerate violence or abuse in any form, child labor, slavery, human trafficking, or forced labor.

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Talent Management

Talents are gems to be discovered. Guided by this belief, we prioritize recruiting talents who align with the values and competencies of our company and strive to discover and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

We provide our colleagues with unique working experiences focusing on targets or areas of development that will help them discover their talents and potential.

We offer sustainable development opportunities by encouraging rotation within Tüpraş and across Group companies, offering interdisciplinary learning opportunities.

Compensation Management and Fringe Benefits

At Tüpraş, we shape the compensation management system based on market data and analysis, in line with the job size and performance, with a fair and competitive policy.

We also offer a variety of benefits, complementary to the salary, to suit the different needs and expectations of our colleagues.


Our compensation policy is based on the job size regardless of title and person and is determined based on job evaluation.

The job evaluation process applies an international system that measures the contribution of all jobs to the corporate output and sorts them based on the level of responsibility required for the task. We closely follow the salary markets by conducting periodic compensation or salary surveys and take care to implement a fair and competitive policy and to reward success. We periodically revise salaries based on economic indicators.

As for our employees on an hourly wage, we apply the rates set forth in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Some of the fringe benefits we offer to our colleagues:

Membership to KoçAilem
Membership to Koç Holding Pension and Support Fund Foundation
Private Health Insurance
“Flextra” Flexible Fringe Benefits Program
Commuter Bus Service
Catering Service
Meal Allowance on Remote Work Days
Leave Allowance
Holiday Allowance

Industrial Relations

When performing the tasks, the authority and responsibilities defined in our Corporate regulations, we follow the legislation in force as well as the Employee Regulation, the collective bargaining agreement, and company policies.

As required by our corporate culture, we respect and allow the space for the rights of all employees to unionize. We encourage employees to join trade unions and nongovernmental organizations, provided that these are sanctioned by laws.

Tüpraş has signed collective bargaining agreements since its establishment. In our company, where Petrol-İş Union is organized, we have union workplace representatives in accordance with the numbers specified by legal regulations. All employees on hourly wages are members of the trade union and are covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

Nearly 75 percent of our colleagues are members of the Petrol-İş Union, with which we renew the collective bargaining agreement every three years. We distribute the current collective bargaining agreement in force to all employees in booklet format and publish an updated version on our Tüpraş intranet portal.

We continuously revise our business models to meet business requirements and future expectations, introducing new models to boost the quality and efficiency of our work. We collect employee suggestions and input on our work life through one-on-one interviews, surveys, and various workshops to be later discussed at the collective bargaining negotiations.

Industrial Relations