Life At Tüpraş

Business Culture

Tüpraş acts in accordance with the global human rights in all of its activities, do not become a party to human rights violations under no circumstances, provides support in order to improve human rights in its domain. Expecting its suppliers and business partners to adopt the same principles, too, Tüpraş follows this perspective meticulously to establish and maintain business relations.

Health and safety of all shareholders within the work site, in particular that of Tüpraş employees, is secured with high-level safety conditions. Tüpraş minimises the occupational safety risks and enhances the state of preparedness against potential risks by assessing the processes of occupational health and safety continuously with a sense of learning.

Social Life

Opportunities Offered to Employees

Koc Holding Retirement and Support Trust Fund

A supplementary social security organisation founded on 1 November 1967 to provide the staff employed at the companies of Koç Community and subject to Social Insurance Institution at the same time with “additional social security and assistance”. Every employee that begins to work at the companies of Koç Community becomes a member to Koc Holding Retirement and Support Trust Fund at the start of employment. It would possible to benefit from voluntary retirement and private health insurance opportunities via a fund managed by the fund. The families of the employees can benefit from the health insurance programme being implemented, too.

Opportunities Offered to Employees

Koc My Family Programme

Tupraş employees benefit from the products and services offered by the companies of Koç community, during their retirement lives advantageously.

Health Insurance

Our employees can benefit from individual health insurance opportunity within certain limits and with low-rate individual contribution so as to cover their families as well via Koç Allianz insurance or they can get examined at private healthcare organisations contracted with SGK (SSI) and Allianz on supplementary health insurance offered by our company, without paying any difference in price between SGK (SSI) hospital costs.

Flekstra Application

Flekstra Application

Our employees can create their own flexible side/fringe benefit packs from a number of options ranging from individual retirement to shopping vouchers, technology products, travel discounts, fuel card, car rental, white goods to various gift vouchers.

Leap Employee Support Programme

A support programme is in place to which all our employees and their families can have access 24/7 against all problems that affect their health, quality of life and well-being.

HR Practices

Tüpraş invests in people to a great extent with the belief that that permanent competition advantage can be created with advanced and qualified workforce. So, it puts performance assessment, career planning and training applications into practice in order to promote the occupational and personal development of its employees. Besides, participation processes are established so that the employees have a voice in the company’s management with their expectations and suggestions, a working environment is created in line with the expectations and suggestions from the employees and social life standards are enhanced in order to increase the employees’ satisfaction and loyalty to Tupraş.

  • Orientation Process

    Support is provided to facilitate the adaptation of our employees to the company by means of an orientation programme, designed separately being short-term and long-term.

  • Adaptation Process

    Our employees are monitored closely by human resources and department managers in six-month period from the beginning of their employment and they get quick responses to their needs and expectations.

  • Refinery Operator Training Program

    Technical improvement of our employees is systematically ensured by means of refinery operator training programmes.

  • Post Graduate Programmes & MBA

    Graduate programmes which provide expertise in technical, operational and financial fields of Tüpraş have been established in accordance with the agreements it has made with the universities. It is ensured that the employees considered having high potential for senior management positions participate in Executive MBA programme of Koç University.

  • Performance and Skills Management

    The performance of Tüpraş employees are assessed yearly. Targets are identified and achievement rates are controlled in interviews held within the years while the employees are provided with feedbacks regarding their periodical performance outcomes during the interviews held at the end of the year.

    The skills that will form the future of the company are identified, monitored and improved upon the skill management practices.

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