Izmir Refinery “The Happy Wastes Project” - Separating and Recycling Packaging Waste

The project, launched at the Izmir Refinery in 2010 to separate and recycle packaging waste was continued in 2015 with different activities. The project continued with several activities throughout 2015. The project team participated in Project Design Classes at five elementary schools in Aliağa, informed children about waste separation and taught them how to make kites.
During Safety and Environment Week, volunteer employees help clean up the coastline where the LPG platform is located, and the marina shoreline in Aliağa, as part of the “Happy Wastes – Separating Packaging Waste” event.

“Replenishing the Oxygen We Breathe” at Kırıkkale Refinery

Since 2008, a sapling has been planted for every guest accommodated at Kırıkkale Refinery’s Social Facilities. Starting out from the idea that planting trees is the best way to replenish the oxygen people breathe, 185 saplings were planted in 2015. Since the start of this sustainability project, some 5,262 saplings have been planted.

Training Program on Waste Recycling, Health, and Environmental Awareness Volunteer employees from Batman Refinery

Volunteer employees from Batman Refinery provided training on waste recycling, health, and environmental awareness at four schools in the villages of Siirt, Bitlis, Batman and Tatvan. In 2015, 385 students attended training sessions totaling 770 person hours, with 2,605 students receiving trainings since the beginning of the project.

To Remove All Obstacles: We Collect Plastic Bottle Caps

With a total of 1,430 kilograms of plastic bottle caps collected to date, six battery-powered and two manual wheelchairs have been provided to citizens with disabilities to make life easier for them.

Collecting Waste Vegetable Oils to Remove Barriers

In 2014, 150 liters of waste vegetable oil were collected from households and schools and sent to licensed contractors for recycling. In 2015, 50 liters of waste vegetable oil were collected and sent to a licensed contractor.

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