8th Tüpraş/Batman Children’s Festival

Since its debut in 2008, the Festival has hosted a total of
18,250 children.

Fireflies Continue to Provide Education and Entertainment

Since 2008, Tüpraş has sponsored the Firefly Education Program
launched by the Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation (TEVF)
with a total of five Firefly Mobile Education Units.
Some 107,026 schoolchildren have been reached since 2008
when Tüpraş joined the project.

Funding the Educational Expenses of 5,714 Children for One Year

Tüpraş made a donation to fund the educational expenses of
5,714 youth for a period of one year.

We Don’t Have the Luxury to Stop: Run for Charity, Run for Young People

Under the theme “We Don’t Have the Luxury to Stop:
Run for Charity, Run for Young People,”
31 Tüpraş employees ran the Runatolia Marathon.
Proceeds from the campaign were donated to TOG,
which supports young people and encourages them to volunteer
in social responsibility projects.

SEK İzmit Theater Club Actors Take to the Stage to Benefit the Community Volunteers Foundation

An audience of 550 theatre-goers watched the play,
which was staged jointly by the SEK İzmit Theater Club
and the “We Don’t Have the Luxury to Stop: Run for Charity,
Run for Young People” project team.

We Collect Books for Children

In 2014, some 1,000 books were sent to three elementary schools,
while 600 books were sent to one high school and one elementary school in 2015.
A total of 6,600 books have been donated since the launch of the project in 2013.

Advancement of the Vocational Education and Training System (MEGEP) Project

Tüpraş signed a protocol for the “Advancement of
the Vocational Education
and Training System (MEGEP Project)”
with a view toward training skilled professionals
in the area of Chemical Technology,

Vocational High School Coaching Program Conducted Jointly with the Private Sector Volunteers Association (PSVA) under the

MEGEP (Advancement of the Vocational Education and Training System) Project
Since 2012, some 900 volunteers have completed the two-day
Coaching Skills and Implementation training and started to implement the Program.
Under the Coaching Program, Group companies are paired with
vocational high schools according to their location and area of expertise.
Following the student application process, teams of 10 to 12 students
are formed and they meet with volunteer coaches for a period of two years
to implement the modules.

Sponsorship of the Super Children Circus at the

April 23rd International Children’s Festival of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality
In 2015, 1,100 youngsters from 44 countries attended the Festival,
which Tüpraş has sponsored for four years.

Koç University Social Sciences High Achievement Scholarship Program

Tüpraş has supported the Social Sciences High Achievement
Scholarship Program, which aims to foster the
study of social sciences and related disciplines in Turkey, since the 2011-2012 academic year. Currently, eight students are continuing their Ph.D. studies in Archeology and Art History, International Relations, Psychology, Design, Technology and Society with scholarships from Tüpraş.

Koç University Anatolian Scholarship Program

Koç University’s Anatolian Scholarship Program,
launched in the 2011-2012 academic year with only 14 students,
expanded to 175 student recipients in 2015.

Take Precautions to Prevent Accidents!

For Safety and Environment Week, Izmir Refinery and the Technical Safety and Environment Department prepared and distributed brochures titled “Take Precautions to Prevent Accidents!” in order to educate Tüpraş employees and their families about home and kitchen accidents.

Technical Tours at Izmir Refinery

In 2015, 270 students from various schools participated
in the technical tours conducted at Izmir Refinery
to learn more about refineries and the refining industry.

Renovation of TEVF (Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation)’s Zeyrek Education Unit

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