Enterprise Risk Management

Tüpraş aims to identify and assess the current and future risks associated with the Company's financial, operational, strategic and compliance issues, and to guide actions taken to minimize or optimize these risks.

Tüpraş aims to bring the highest level of value to its shareholders by managing the company's planned strategic and financial deviations with the Corporate Risk Management Guide.

The purpose of this guide is to determine the approach to identify, assess, prioritize, monitor, report on risks that may be encountered throughout the company, and to take the necessary precautions against them and to follow the process of implementing the types of management to be monitored.

Enterprise Risk Management System Policy

In order to sustain its existence, reputation, operations and business continuity and to reach its strategic, operational and financial targets with the implementation of its risk management system, Tüpraş commits to,

  • Identify the risks in the global markets and local regions it is operating in,
  • Communicate with all parties effectively by treating every managerial unit as a whole,
  • Follow up on and improve action plans and precautions dedicated to minimizing the risks,
  • Maintain the highest level of value for its stakeholders by managing possible deviations in medium/long term targets,
  • Create value out of uncertainties and instabilities by effective identification of opportunities and risks,
  • Always comply with national and international regulations,
  • Manage the business with the principles of efficiency, transparency and accountability by eliminating risks related to Health and Safety, Environment.

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