Code Of Ethics

As Tüpraş, together with all our subsidiaries and affiliates, we are responsible for creating a working environment that respects people and society, as well as making sustainable economic and social contributions. Our Code of Ethics, transparent policies and standards cover the basic behavior principles of our company and constitute our most important tool to ensure that our employees and business partners act in accordance with high ethical values.
In this context, the opinion formed under the leadership of Vehbi Koç, the founder of our Group, provides guidance for all of us: "Our main principle is to act equitably and for mutual interest in good faith during all of our dealings, and to comply with laws and moral rules.”
Since our establishment, we have acted with the understanding of compliance with ethical values, transparent and fair business conduct, universal human rights and the law. We have updated our Code of Ethics in order to further strengthen this understanding in line with the requirements of the rapidly changing world and the “Compliance Project” carried out under the leadership of Koç Holding, of which we are a part, between the years 2018-2020.


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