Capital Structure


The company has adopted the registered capital system according to the Law No. 6362 and implemented this system upon the approval of the Capital Market Board dated 22.11.1990 and no. 886

a)    Registered capital :

The registered capital of the company is TL 500,000,000.00 (five hundred million Turkish Liras), which is divided in to 50,000,000,000(fifty billion) shares each with a nominal value of 1 Kuruş (Turkish Cent).
The registered capital ceiling permit issued by the Capital Market Board is valid for the years 2021-2025 (5 years). Even if the registered capital ceiling limit allowed may not be reached by the end of 2025, the Board of Directors has to obtain the permission of the General Assembly after obtaining the approval of the Capital Market Board for obtaining a new period not exceeding 5 years regarding the previous ceiling or a new ceiling value in order to adopt a resolution for a capital increase. If the said permission is not obtained, the company shall be considered as having abandoned the registered capital system.

b)    Issued Capital and Shares :

The issued capital of the company is TL 250,419,200.00, (two hundred and fifty million four hundred and nineteen thousand, two hundred Turkish Liras, which is fully paid free of any collusion.
The issued capital is divided in to two groups as (A) and (C) as shown below and all of the shares are registered shares.
       A   Enerji Yatırımları A.Ş.       127,713,792.22    Registered         12,771,379,222
       A   Other       122,705,407.77    Registered          12,270,540,777
       C   ÖİB                         0.01    Registered                                  1
   Total         250,419,200.00             25,041,920,000

The Group C share shall remain in existence until terminated by a decision of the Privatization Supreme Board (or a decision of the relevant authority at that time). In the event a decision might be made for terminating the rights vested in the Group C share, this share shall be converted in to a Group A share.
The shares making up the capital are monitored on the records within the framework of the recording rules.
The capital of the company may be increased or decreased as necessary within the framework of the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code and Capital Market legislation. The amendments concerning the reduction of the amount of capital on the articles of association which is required to take approval by T.R Energy Market Regulatory Authority.
The Board of Directors is authorized to increase the issued capital by issuing new shares up to the ceiling value of the registered capital as deemed necessary in compliance with the provisions of the Capital Market Law as well as restricting the rights of the owners of the privileged shares and limiting the right of the shareholders to buy new shares. The power of restricting the right of buying new shares may not be used in a manner that might create inequality between the shareholders.
In all cases, the Board of Directors shall issue new group A shares in proportion with the shares owned by the Group A shareholders in the Company in case of a capital increase. In case of a capital increase, the shareholders partake by buying the shares to be issued in the same group as they belong. However, the Group C share shall not partake in the capital increase and remain to be a single share.
The Capital Market Board regulations and the provisions of these Articles of Association shall apply for the used or un-used pre-emptive rights.
The share representing the company's capital is monitored within the framework of the dematerialization basis.

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