Export Control Policy

Purpose of the Export Control Policy is to ensure that none of our existing nor potential business partners are included in any international Restricted Party Lists. This Policy provides information on the consequences of transacting with any Restricted Party or sanctioned country maintained by US, EU and UN and sets out the most important elements of the company’s program to prevent improper conduct. 
This Policy setforths the principles of approval mechanisms, how to comply with the trade restrictions and how to refrain from conducting any transaction, directly or indirectly, with Restricted Parties or Restricted Destinations.

As per the Policy, Tüpraş personnel are required to obtain relevant information about the persons and entities with which they do business. All customers, vendors, and other business partners are required to complete the relevant Tüpraş pre-qualification questionnaire and provide detailed information including their shareholder structures and ultimate beneficial owners to enable Tüpraş to conduct an appropriate level of due diligence. All parties involved in a transaction including vessels, brokers, and financial institutions should be screened properly.

This Policy will be provided to active business partners which will be required to sign a Deed of Undertaking, confirming to comply with this Policy. Also, Tüpraş will ensure to include relevant compliance terms and conditions in its agreements with third parties.