Environmental manegement system

With our Vision consisting of the principles of:

Reducing the probable negative environmental effects of our business operations through Best Available Techniques based on cost-effective solutions; and leading other sectors regarding to environmental issues.

  • Developing solutions for environmental problems, producing authentic technologies; and
  • Providing emergency and environmental risk management utmost developed level; and
  • Being a pioneering performing environmentally-sensitive investments; and
  • Assessing the environmental effects of each planned investment thereby ensuring that environment is protected and providing that healthy, safety and environment-friendly business operations are established;
  • Closely following up refinery based innovations, research and development studies; and
  • Involving in activities supporting the Sustainable Development principle; and
  • Developing technologies in order to reduce the needs of treatment or disposal and ensure effective and efficient use of resources, thereby ensuring that wastes are minimized at source; and
  • Establishing Environmental Information Systems ensuring access to all types of environmental information and data,
  • With the above principles, as Tüpraş, our vision target is making an indelible impression not only today but also future and leaving concrete traces for both our country and our world.

The communication, implementation and compliance with HSE standards are the first priority and the responsibility of all employees,

  • Compliance with current laws, codes and HSE standards shall be strictly followed,
  • A healthy and hygienic working environment in the workplace shall be provided for all employees
  • HSE risks caused by our activities shall be determined; root causes shall be identified to reduce the risks to the lowest acceptable levels. Actions and implementation shall be questioned, reviewed, improved and be result oriented.
  • Immediate and effective response to incidents and providing immediate medical services necessary for the treatment of employee occupational illness or injuries shall be ensured,
  • Emissions shall be monitored while recycling wastes where possible for the efficient use of natural resources,
  • Employee suggestions to improve HSE performance will be evaluated carefully and appropriate ones shall be implemented,

All Tüpraş and contractor employees shall be trained according to our HSE standards and visitors shall be informed about the risks at site and how to behave performance toward set targets shall be evaluated and the results be shared with public periodically,