Energy Manegement System

In accordance with Tüpraş Energy Management System, the policies are determined

  • In the oil sector, enviable performance, environment and life respects the values %u200B%u200Bof a pioneer company to be the target of all operating in adopting EU norms , the environment and human health laws compliant, , to get low cost quality products
  • In Energy management, to minimize the carbon footprint of environmental protection ,
  • Follow the new technologies to improve energy efficiency by making continuous improvements ,
  • Resource allocation for enhancing energy efficiency projects ,
  • In energy efficiency, which is applicable to the company in accordance with local and international regulations work,
  • Enforcing energy efficiency and conservation measures to minimize the loss of resources ,
  • Purchased in products and services , new design and investments, in production and oversee all of our processes ,
  • To increase energy efficiency , monitoring and reviewing on a regular basis to inform stakeholders ,
  • is committed .

Energy Intensity Indeks

Tüpraş EII Values

  2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2017 Hedef
Tüpraş 119.1 120.9 107.4 105.4 105.3 102.1 101.6 99.2 85.0
İzmit 112.3 115.4 97.9 95.2 100.4 97.7 99.9 97.5 85.0
İzmir 122.4 122.2 117.2 113.8 108.9 106.7 102.5 101.4 85.0
K.kale 128.4 133.5 111.6 116.6 113.9 106.4 102.8 100.8 85.0
Batman 127.0 110.0 90.6 87.6 84.7 79.8 97.6 80.9 85.0

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency projects implemented in 2015 and yielding more than TL 1 million in annual savings are as follows:

  • Online and Offline Cleaning in Furnaces and Boilers

    Online cleaning removes deposits from furnace tubes while the unit is in operation and without any downtime. In 2015, the online cleaning process was applied to eight process furnaces at Izmit Refinery and four process furnaces at Izmir Refinery.

    In addition, offline cleaning was applied to one boiler at Izmir Refinery and two boilers at Kırıkkale Refinery. These cleaning processes yielded annual savings of TL 3.9 million along with fuel savings in the furnaces and boilers.

  • Elimination of the Condensation Stage in Turbogen (TG-4) Turbine at Izmir Refinery

    The installation of a new gas turbine and waste heat boiler at the refinery in accordance with the Energy Roadmap will reduce both the load on power plant boilers and the number of turbo generators that need be kept operational. These changes will create an opportunity to modernize the TG-4 turbine in order to optimize the power-to-steam balance at the refinery. The low-efficiency condensation stage was eliminated to increase cogeneration productivity, which in turn resulted in annual savings of TL 2.9 million.

  • Modification of Burners and FD Fans in the Platformer Furnaces at Izmit Refinery

    Four furnace burners, which heat input current to the reactor in Plant-36 Platformer Unit, were replaced with low NOx burners; additionally, the furnaces were changed from natural-draft to forced-draft with a FD fan for air absorption. This initiative resulted in annual savings of TL 1.85 million in 2015.

  • Chemical Cleaning of the DHP Unit Exchanger at Kırıkkale Refinery

    A chemical cleaning process was applied to the reactor preheating exchangers in PLT-1650 DHP Unit during the planned shutdown in March 2015. The result was close to that of mechanical cleaning. As mechanical cleaning imposes certain risks on exchangers, which operate at high pressure, while chemical cleaning allows these risks to be avoided. This process resulted in energy savings that amounted to TL 1.36 million in 2015.

  • Quick Wins for Energy Savings

    The operational upgrades made to Izmit Refinery in 2015 resulted in annual savings of TL 11.6 million.