Energy Manegement System

In accordance with Tüpraş Energy Management System, the policies are determined

  • In the oil sector, enviable performance, environment and life respects the values %u200B%u200Bof a pioneer company to be the target of all operating in adopting EU norms , the environment and human health laws compliant, , to get low cost quality products
  • In Energy management, to minimize the carbon footprint of environmental protection ,
  • Follow the new technologies to improve energy efficiency by making continuous improvements ,
  • Resource allocation for enhancing energy efficiency projects ,
  • In energy efficiency, which is applicable to the company in accordance with local and international regulations work,
  • Enforcing energy efficiency and conservation measures to minimize the loss of resources ,
  • Purchased in products and services , new design and investments, in production and oversee all of our processes ,
  • To increase energy efficiency , monitoring and reviewing on a regular basis to inform stakeholders ,
  • is committed .

Energy Intensity Indeks

Tüpraş EII Values

2008  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
119.1 120.9 107.4 105.4 105.3 102.3 107.6 102.3 101.8

Energy Efficiency

Major energy efficiency projects implemented in 2016 include the following:

  • Energy Integration and Optimization at İzmit Refinery RUP Region and A Region

    As part of energy optimization efforts undertaken at İzmit Refinery, alternator, which was causing energy loss, was deactivated whenever possible by using the power plant decision support system. As a result, the Refinery saved TL 5 million and reduced CO2 emissions by 11,355 tons in 2016. The project commenced in January 2016.

  • Fuel Gas Savings at İzmit Refinery

    Due to operating pressure changes and adjustments at İzmit Refinerys processing units, sweep gases are occasionally sent to the flare header. The Refinery achieved savings by optimizing sweep gases sent to the flare and fuel gas valve operations, which were causing economic loss after start-up. Thanks to these “quick win” interventions, the Refinery saved TL 2.6 million and cut CO2 emissions by 6 thousand tons in 2016.

  • Burning Plant-7 Off-Gas in Plant-26 Vacuum Furnace at İzmit Refinery

    The Refinery conserved fuel by burning Plant-7 FCC off-gas in the Plant-26 F-101 furnace, instead of sending it to the incinerator to burn. This “quick win” effort helped the Refinery save TL 1.6 million and reduce CO2 emissions by 3.7 thousand tons in 2016.

  • Batman Refinery Hot Oil System Replacement Project

    This project involved the installation of a new hot oil system with high thermal efficiency to keep the temperature of bitumen storage tanks and related production-sales lines at 140 C. As a result, the Refinery was able to prevent the loss of steam used for heating up bitumen lines and tanks. This project yielded TL 1.2 million in energy savings and CO2 reductions of 3.2 tons.

  • İzmir Refinery FGRS Compressors Project

    With the Flare Gas Recovery System set up at İzmir Refinery, flared gases were recovered and reused in the Refinery’s fuel system, resulting in significant natural gas cost savings. The Flare Gas Recovery System, which was commissioned in March 2016, yielded TL 6 million in savings in 2016. The system is expected to yield about TL 7.2 million in savings annually.

  • Fuel and Electricity Savings in Crude Oil and Vacuum Furnaces at Kırıkkale Refinery

    By taking into account current and long-term production plans, Kırıkkale Refinery replaced over capacity fans used in Crude Oil and Vacuum Furnaces in accordance with flow rate and power requirements. As a result, the Refinery saved TL 1.1 million and reduced CO2 emissions by 14 thousand tons.