Energy Manegement System

In accordance with Tüpraş Energy Management System, the policies are determined

  • In the oil sector, enviable performance, environment and life respects the values %u200B%u200Bof a pioneer company to be the target of all operating in adopting EU norms , the environment and human health laws compliant, , to get low cost quality products
  • In Energy management, to minimize the carbon footprint of environmental protection ,
  • Follow the new technologies to improve energy efficiency by making continuous improvements ,
  • Resource allocation for enhancing energy efficiency projects ,
  • In energy efficiency, which is applicable to the company in accordance with local and international regulations work,
  • Enforcing energy efficiency and conservation measures to minimize the loss of resources ,
  • Purchased in products and services , new design and investments, in production and oversee all of our processes ,
  • To increase energy efficiency , monitoring and reviewing on a regular basis to inform stakeholders ,
  • is committed .

Energy Intensity Indeks

Tüpraş EII Values

2008  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
119.1 120.9 107.4 105.4 105.3 102.3 107.6 102.3 103.4 102.2

Energy Efficiency

Major energy efficiency projects implemented in 2017 include the following:

  • Heat Exchanger Clean-up Work in the Plt-5 Crude Oil Unit at the İzmit Refinery

    Heat exchangers were mechanically cleaned, furnace inlet temperatures were improved and fuel consumption was reduced. After the cleaning, energy savings amounting to 44,900 Gcal and reductions in CO2 emissions of 10,400 tons were achieved.

  • Optimization Applications in İzmit Refinery Power Plants

    Within the scope of the optimization work, a boiler and turbo alternator were deactivated in the “A region” power plants, bringing savings in terms of fuel consumption. In 2017, a total of 41,800 Gcal in energy savings were achieved, along with a reduction of 9,682 tons in CO2 emissions.

  • Fuel Oil Saving Activities in İzmit Refinery Furnaces

    The mechanical clean-up carried out in the 63F-1 furnace paved the way efficiency improvements and economical gains by allowing more economical fuel gas to be burned, instead of fuel oil. A total of 29,400 Gcal in energy savings and a reduction of 6,810 tons in CO2 emissions were achieved.

  • Furnace Change in Batman Refinery F-1101

    The Plt-1100 unit furnace was renewed. After the new furnace was commissioned in June 2017, energy savings amounting to 22,900 Gcal and a reduction of 5,300 tons in CO2 emissions was achieved

  • Online Furnace Cleaning in Kırıkkale Refinery

    An online chemical cleaning application was developed for the crude oil unit, the vacuum unit and the hydrocracker unit furnaces. After its application, furnace yields were increased by enabling a decrease in the flue gas temperatures. A total of 19,327 Gcal in energy savings were achieved along with a reduction of 4,477 tons in CO2 emissions.