History, Vision, Mission, Strategy


Tupras continues its R&D activities in order to reach global competitive power and success in interested areas. In line with this objective, Tupras R&D Center was established within the framework of Law No. 5746 and approved by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology on August 2, 2010. R&D Center is composed of three different buildings and has 12.950 square meter open area. These buildings are administrative building, R&D laboratories and pilot plant building. R&D laboratory serves with more than 150 devices in five different fields.


To establish strong relationships in national and international level, to have technological self-sufficiency, to create its own solution and to be one of the most competent R&D Center in the working fields.


Product development studies
  • According to long term necessities, sectoral trends and future regulations enforcements make quality improvements on Tupras’ present products,
  • To get innovative products that fits regulations, market expectations and process technologies
Process development studies:
  • Analyze the current situation of our refineries and competitors around the world then create solutions by R&D projects
  • Develop technologies and apply our own processes
  • To reach the level of self-sufficiency in all engineering areas of process and equipments that outsources in the current situation
  • To reach in all process to the best available technologies level in the long term


Tüpraş aims at contributing to our country and the energy sector in each R&D project which is conducted in the areas specified in the Tüpraş Technology Roadmap. The R&D projects are produced according to the technology roadmap objectives while considering to improve Tupras’ laboratory & testing infrastructure and R&D personnel. By this way, Tupras aims to reach technological self-sufficiency in all processes in the long run.