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Tüpraş, holds 79.98% of Ditaş shares

The company came into activity in Istanbul on 16.03.1974. İpraş’s 29% share in Ditaş was transferred to Tüpraş in 1983; Tüpraş purchased Ditaş’s 50.98% share of the Directorate of Privatization Administration in October 2002 and obtained a total of 79.98% share in Ditaş and thus Ditaş became a subsidiary of Tüpraş. Ditaş entered a process of restructuring and growth after 2006. Within the framework of this process, 14 companies were established, with 100% of the capital belonging to Ditaş. The Company provides shipping line operation, brokerage/ship leasing, guidance, tug operation, inspection and agency services. Ditaş carries out crude oil transportation in line with the needs of Tüpraş, and does petroleum products transportation by taking the needs of Tüpraş and other suppliers into consideration. Ditaş carries out these services with its own tankers as well as tankers leased on a time and expentition basis.

702.750 DWT
3 Crude Oil Tanker 
1 Crude Oil Product Tanker 
10 Product Tanker 

Tüpraş holds 40% of Opet’s shares

Opet carries out activities in fuel distribution sector, retail sales, commercial and industrial sales, storage and international product trade. The Company operates in the fuel oil distribution sector via retail sales, commercial and industrial fuel oil sales, storage and international product trade. With nearly 900 employees, 1,670 stations including the Sunpet brand and 1.1 million m3 strage capacity, Opet manages an extensive service network throughout Turkey with 5 terminals and provides high-quality products and services to its cusmomers. Opet also performs production and marketing of mineral oils through Opet-Fuchs, its 50-50% partnership with the German mineral oil company Fuchs; and jet fuel supply and sales through THY-Opet, its 50-50% partnership with Turkish Airlines.

1,1 Million m 3
Körfez Ulaştırma
Körfez Ulaştırma

Tüpraş holds 100% of Körfez Ulaştırma A.Ş. shares

As a rail operator (RTO), Körfez Ulaştırma carried out fuel transportation between the Kırıkkale and Izmit refineries with one train from each refinery on a daily basis with a total of five locomotives which it leased from the TCDD (Turkish State Railways) throughout 2018, starting from December 2017. As of July 2019, with the addition of five new diesel locomotives to the fleet, Körfez Ulaştırma started to transport fuel between the Kırıkkale and Izmit refineries with two daily trains from each refinery. In 2019, trial runs were also carried out on the Kırıkkale-Batman and Kırıkkale-Mersin lines.In 2019, in addition to 439 wagons purchased by Körfez Ulaştırma from Tüpraş at different times during the year, 26 Opet tank wagons and the TCDD tank wagons, numbering between 100 and 250, were used in the transportation.

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