Fuel Oil Recycling Facility

High Nelson Complexity Index with the RUP Facility

14,5 NC

Upon completion of the project, Nelson Compexity of İzmit Refinery will increase from 7.78 to 14.5, which is one of the highest values in the world.

14,5 NC
After the Project is commissioned
7,78 NC
Before project

Value of the refineries in the world as measured by "Nelson Complexity (NC) unit

What is the Residuum Upgrading Facility?

RUP Units, which require a significant amount of investment, are used to convert low-value black products with low consumption to high-value white products (diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, LPG), for which demand is steadily increasing.

RUP Product Yields (Thousand Tons)

Raw Material (Thousand Tons)

  • Natural Gas
  • V. Residue
  • Atm. Dip
Total Charge 4.496

Products (Thousand Tons)

  • Diesel 2.883
  • Gasoline 552
  • LPG 69
  • Petroleum Coke 60
  • Suplhur 86
Total Productions 4.250

Why a Residuum Upgrading Facility?

After this project is completed, Tüpraş will process about 4.2 million tons of high-sulphur fuel oil and related heavy products, consumption of which has been falling rapidly in recent years. This will yield 2.9 million tons of diesel/jet fuel, 522 thousand tons of gasoline and 69 thousand tons of LPG, for a total of 3.5 million tons of valuable white products at Euro-V standards, as well as 690 thousand tons of petroleum coke and 86 thousand tons of sulphur.


  • Total volume of concrete
    230.000 m 3
  • Used Pipe
    35.000 tons
  • The world's eighth tallest flare
    185.000 m 3
  • Total weight of steel construction
    44.500 tons
  • Steel bar
    27.500 tons
  • Construction area
    1.523 acreage

17 units including 6 main units

6 Main Units

  • 1
    Vacuum Unit
    7,500 m3/day
  • 2
    Coker Unit
    8,200 m3/day
  • 3
    Hydrocracker Unit 8,000 m3/day Naphtha Hydrogenation Unit 1,200 m3/day Diesel Desulphurization Unit 4,000 m3/day
  • 4
    Hydrogen Unit
    160,000 m3/hour
  • 5
    Energy Generation Unit
    120 MW
  • 6
    Petroleum Logistics Unit/ Storage Tanks
    23 units / 660,000 m3
Total 17 Units
780 meter pier
Wagon unloading area for the rail link (GARE)

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