İzmit Refinery

The İzmit Refinery started production in 1961, with a 1 million tons/year capacity of crude oil processing. As a result of significant capacity augmentation and investments over the years, its design capacity reached 11.5 million tons/year. Following modernization efforts to increase white product productivity, the crude oil processing design capacity was registered at 11.0 million tons/year.

İzmir Refinery

The İzmir Refinery started production in 1972 to meet Turkey’s growing petroleum product demand with a 3 million tons/year crude oil processing capacity. It has since undergone major capacity augmentation and unit modernization to achieve a capacity of 10 million tons/year since 1987. In 2007, its crude oil processing capacity was confirmed to be 11 million tons/year, taking into account revisions made in its distillation capacity.

Kırıkkale Refinery

Established in 1986 to meet the petroleum demands of the Ankara, Central Anatolia, Eastern Mediterranean and Eastern Black Sea regions, the Kırıkkale Refinery has become a facility with mid level complexity by Mediterranean standards with the addition of hydrocracker, isomerization, diesel desulphurization and CCR reformer units.

Batman Refinery

Commissioned in 1955 with a crude oil processing capacity of 330 thousand tons, the Batman Refinery was the first refinery founded in Turkey. Following an initiative to overcome production bottlenecks in 1960 and the commissioning of a new crude oil processing unit in 1972, Batman Refinery’s crude oil processing capacity reached 1.1 million tons/year.
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1st Quarter Financial Statements

Ordinary General Assembly Meeting Results

The General Assembly will be held on March 20, 2019 at the Company Headquarters.

The meeting dated February 21, 2019, has resolved to invite the General Assembly for its Ordinary Meeting for the year 2018, on March 20, 2019 Wednesday at 10:00 to review and resolve the agenda specified as attached at "Güney Mahallesi Petrol Caddesi No.25 Körfez/Kocaeli to duly perform the invitation procedures; to announce the invitations at Turkish Trade Registry Gazette, at the internet address of the Company of, at the Central Registry Agency A.Ş.'s E-Company Portal and Electronic General Assembly Systems and at the Public Disclosure Platform.

Q4 Financial Announcement and Press Release

Tüpraş’ total investments since the privatization has exceeded 6.5 billion US$ following the 199 million US$ invested in 2018.