We Represent Our Country in Turkey Programme 2016 of EU Business Awards for the Environment

Our company has become a finalist in the Process Category f9or 2015-2016 with its project "Using Municipal Waste Water as Process Water for Recovery”. "AB Business Award for the Environment” involves management, product-service and process categories. The winners in all categories in Europe will be selected among finalists of EU member and candidate countries in the ceremony to be held in October.

With the purpose of protection and sustainability of natural resources, our Company attaches priority to meeting the need for natural water through recovery of wastewater instead of meeting it from natural resources and has been conducting this project since November 2014.

Intensively using water as fire extinguishing water in cases of emergency and as process water in different stages of production processes, our Company provides recovery of municipal waste water and thus meets the whole need for process water in our Izmit Refinery thanks to the project. The project ensures sustainable use of resources and preserves the nature of biodiversity and has a great importance for protection of the ecosystem.

With a pioneering approach, our company has developed and put into practice this technology in consequence of a research process and feasibility studies for recovery of municipal waste water in a way to be used in refineries, integrated the technologies into its applications, and thus leaded the way for local governments and refinery sector of our country.

Many efficiency projects are carried on for effective and efficient use of resources, improvement of operational conditions and decrease of raw water consumption and a decrease of around 1,250 cubic meters per hour is achieved in the amount of raw water drawn from natural resources.

Körfez Plant Project for Use of Municipal Wastewater as Process Water in the Industry, which was developed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and General Directorate of ISU (Kocaeli Water and Sewer System Administration), was put into practice in two stages in November 2015 and May 2015.

We had become the first in the process category of EU Business Awards for the Environment Turkey Programme for our project "Using Membrane

Deaerated Cold Boiler Feed Water For Energy

Recovery” in 2014.

Believing that corporations can only grow with the society to which they serve, we will continue to develop pioneering projects aiming to protect and improve the geography where we carry out our activities as a matter of our corporate responsibility as the leading energy company of the country.