Tüpraş Solution Centre is Opened

In Turkey’s energy sector with its rapidly changing dynamics, within the understanding of providing quality product and service, we are beginning to a new period with “Tüpraş Solution Centre” in order to improve our customer oriented sales and marketing approaches, enhance our communication with the customer, and provide a service with higher quality to our customers. 
In this context, as of the day of January 8 2018 Monday, “Tüpraş Solution Centre” with the number 444 123 0 has started its service and at the first stage, it will start providing service to our customers about the topics indicated down below, through our Solution Centre. 
1. Financial matters,
2.Customer Master Data,
3.Tüpraş Customer Portal Technical Support,
4. Tüpraş Order Portal Technical Support,
5. Customer Complaints and Notifications, 
The scope of “Tüpraş Solution Centre” which will serve 6 days a week (Monday – Saturday) between 08:00 – 18:00 and the services to be given will be increased later on. 
As the pioneering energy company of our country, we will continue to increase the customer satisfaction with innovative applications and to develop new ideas and projects aiming for the presentation of the best service to our customers, with the excitement and energy of the first day.