We are Becoming the First Private Railway Operator of our Country

Within the scope of our Single Tüpraş philopshy, our transportation between refineries which we have started with the railroads in the year 2006 for a more productive operation of our refineries increasingly continues. The investments, developments and innovations (ECM, DTI, EYS and Körfez Transportation Inc.) which Tüpraş has actualised within the scope of railroad, are turning into new opportunities with the new construction of Turkish Railroads in accordance with their lookalikes in Europe.

With the purpose of increasing our productivity in our work processes and tracking and focus in our technical competences, our railroad transportations which have been increasing among our refineries since 2006, will be done within Körfez Transportation Inc. who has been our 100% associate in line with the liberalisation of railway transportation in our country. Our company will start the railway transportation with 491 tank wagons and 5 diesel locomotives rented from Turkish State Railways, at the beginning of December.

With the “Railway Train Operation Authorisation Document” in June 16 2017 and by getting the first “Safety Management Certificate” in September 20 2017, we have become Turkey’s first special railway train operator. With this attempt, while producing a bigger accretion value for our country and our Community, the aim is to increase the benefits obtained from the safe and environmentalist side of railway and railway transportation in a wider product range in the upcoming years. 

Turkish State Railways has been restructured by getting separated in two parts within the scope of the liberalisation operations. Turkish State Railways remained as the substructure, yet the tractive and hauled stocks have been reorganised as Turkish State Railways Transportation Inc., private companies had been given the opportunity to become a train operator, Körfez Transportation Inc. which has been established 100% with the fund of Tüpraş, has become the first special railway train operator of Turkey, with the Safety Management System constituted and its certification, we have break a new ground once more. Tüpraş’s associate Körfez Transportation Inc. with its yearly liquid fuel transportation of about 2,5 million tons, aims to undertake the 10% of railway transportation in Turkey on its own and to become the biggest liquid fuel transporter.