Tüpraş has published 2019 Annual Report

Tüpraş is the largest industrial company in turkey in terms of turnover and the added value it creates.

The roots of Tüpraş, which has become an integrated oil company in terms of its markets, corporate reliability, production complexes and partnerships, go right back to the batman refinery, which was established in 1955 with the aim of processing domestic crude oil. The activities of the four refineries established in Kocaeli, İzmir, Kırıkkale and batman have continued under the roof of Tüpraş since 1983. As a result of the significant capacity increases and investments in conversion units realized by Tüpraş at its four refineries over the years, Tüpraş registered a combined design capacity of 30 million tons for its refineries in 2019.

As turkey’s largest refinery and europe’s 7th largest refinery in terms of its turnover and the added value it creates, Tüpraş is one of the few refineries with a high complexity index in the mediterranean, with an average nelson complexity index of 9.5.

Tüpraş is also following possible opportunities for business and investment in domestic and foreign areas. In line with its strategy of diversifying its businesses, the company aims to invest in sectoral integration, alternative energy resources and start-ups. In the renewable energy field, Tüpraş aims to reduce its energy costs and carbon footprint by giving priority to meeting the energy needs of its own refineries.

Tüpraş combines the right business strategies it develops with its vast experience in the sector and reflects this to its practices. With its ability to adapt to rising global competition, it carries its strong position forward.


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