Data Analytic Centre in METU TEKNOKENT with the Cooperation of Tüpraş and METU

Directorate of Sales and Marketing, Department of Pricing and Customer Relations is going on to update all our business processes to improve our customer-oriented sales approach with the sense of offering high-quality products and services in our sector with fast changing dynamics.

In this respect, the training program "Being the Hero of Customers" was launched in April 2016 with the purpose of improving skills of coping with problems and managing processes for job positions in Tüpraş. Aiming to provide over 1000 members of Tüpraş, in groups of 15 people, with a new insight into customer relations to support Tüpraş Values and Work Culture Principles, these trainings will continue throughout May. A site analysis was done in the past October for the training project the first step for which was taken in July 2015.

Trainings, which are designed with the purpose of meeting demands of our business partners perfectly and in time as well as offering fast and permanent solutions and creating sustainable customer relations, consists of the titles "Being the Hero of Customers" and "Magic of Communication / Effective Communication / Customer Communication Program". Following are some of the topics of trainings held concurrently with the publication of our Customer Relations Policy. Taking initiative in rendering services, psychology of rendering services, being tolerant of customers, communicating effectively with customers while rendering services, dealing with complaints and objections.

Besides training programs, the efforts for effectively using all communication channels, making mutual visits with customers on a regular basis, organizing conventional communication meetings, extending use of internet-based practices, actively using wish, suggestion and complaint boxes redesigned to adapt to our corporate identity with the approach of One Tüpraş, creating customer information guides, and measuring customer satisfaction on a yearly basis are carried on within the frame of our customer-oriented work culture.